Cataclysm – Arenas guide

As this needs to go out to way more people, here are the basic steps to beat the event. For now, without Valkyries or any secrets.

1st arena (eye of magnus)

  • the key is to interact with all the rods/pylons immediately
  • once all went down, destroy the crystal

2nd arena (britaheim)

  • there are 4 bubbles, each shielding 1 echo
  • each bubble has a pressure plate near by
  • 1 person steps on the plate, the other collects the echo
  • you need those 4 echoes in order to unlock the 5th echo
  • the 5th is located under water in the back of the arena
  • use 2 echoes to lower the barrier
  • the other 2 to lower the shield inside the cave and reveal the 5th echo
  • then collect the 3 echoes inside, get out of the cave and pass the barrier
  • then remove the 2 echoes you used for the barrier
  • now use all 5 echoes in the arena and destroy the crystal

3rd arena (forge)

  • there are 4 relics, 2 on each side
  • a barrier guards those relics
  • pick up relic, wait for barrier to go down
  • wait on the next barrier
  • place relic
  • after all 4 are placed, destroy crystal

4th arena (Diana’s landing)

  • kill stuff
  • kill more stuff
  • kill even more
  • once the Riftmaster spawns, kill it
  • interact with two marked panels
  • destroy crystal

5th Arena (Castle Kelrik)

  • grab the only two orbs that are available from the beginning
  • match their symbols to the ones that appear above one of the two doors with the barriers, a light above the barrier will turn green when you placed the orb correctly
  • pick up the orb behind the barriers
  • repeat the two steps above for the remaining barrier
  • once you have all four Orbs, bring them to the central structure and match its symbols to lower the shield protecting the crystal
  • destroy crystal

6th Arena (Crucible of Astrid) 

  • grab the only available echo near the tunnel/airlock straight ahead
  • use it to activate the laser on the ledge
  • this will make 4 additional echoes available right to where the laser hit
  • so you should have 5 in total now when removing the one from the laser again
  • back to the tunnel/airlock, two players with a total of 4 echoes step into the first section and wait in front of the barrier
  • the player with the 5th echo stays outside and uses the echo to unlock the barrier inside the tunnel and to automatically activate the barrier at the tunnel entrance
  • now the two players inside the tunnel are able to advance to the device inside the cave
  • use the 4 echoes to activate the pressure plates
  • now step on the 4 pressure plates (it’s possible to activate all 4 plates with 2 players if they are quick enough)
  • this activates a beam that destroys all barriers and ultimately exposes two panels
  • interact with the first panel on the rock to expose the crystal to destroy it

7th Arena (Sea of Takaro)

  • you need to deliver 3 echoes upwards the waterfall in the center of the arena in order to expose the crystal
  • pressure plates are located in the West, North and East of the arena
  • teammates need to stand on the pressure plates in order to lower the barriers. alternatively you can use a weight on those pressure plates
  • collect the echoes, swim upwards the waterfall to deliver the echoes
  • destroy crystal

After the arenas, it’s time to explore and collect points.
But you are better off with a YT video on this -> Cataclysm – Video containing the majority of secrets

Last, you kill Vara.
Her attacks are pretty easy to avoid.
I guess the only attacks that gives people trouble are those walls of fire.

Simply do what she tells you: get to her and stay in the lit area.

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