Cataclysm – Valkyries guide

Spawning the Valkyries. Why is it important?
It’s important in terms of points you get and those translate to crystals.
The stuff you want to open war chests.
Valkyries give you way more points than simply killing mobs.

1st arena (eye of magnus)

Simply lower all the rods/pylons immediately.
You have about 55 secs to spawn the Valkyrie

2nd arena (britaheim)

After you put in the 5th echo , quickly remove it again (or any other) to spawn the Valkyrie

3rd arena (forge)

Sounds stupid, but you need to fail for this to spawn. Failing to carry the relic fragments that is.
Let any barrier remove you relic 4 times. Afaik this can be done with the same relic fragment, so no need to do it with each of them.
After the fragment is removed from you the fourth time, the Valkyrie spawns.

4th arena (Diana’s landing)

After killing stuff, eventually the Riftmaster will spawn, kill it. On the northern structure of this fort, there’s a small bridge with a panel in it. Immediately interact with the panel after you kill the Riftmaster to spawn the Valkyrie.

5th arena (Castle Kelrik)

After you acquired 3 of the 4 orbs needed, match them with the symbols located on the southeastern wall, symbols are located on the 2nd floor if you will, to spawn the Valkyrie.

6th Arena (Crucible of Astrid)

After activating the beam to activate the panels, don’t interact with the first yet. There’s a second panel straight ahead on the ground you can interact with. Do this to span the Valkyrie.

7th arena (Sea of Takaro)

After you are done with the crystal, collect the 3 echoes still present in the devices you used earlier. Once collected, you’ll get a marker next to the waterfall. Simply deliver the echoes to that marker in order to spawn the Valkyrie.

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