Cataclysm – Strategies

As, hopefully, more ppl are aware by now on how to beat each arena, it’s time to talk strategies to maximize score.

The order in which the arenas proved to the most time and point efficient has to be:
1. Eye of Magnus (all puzzle)
2. Britaheim (2 puzzle, 2 kill)
3. Crucible of Astrid (2 to 3 puzzle (depending on javelins), 1 to 2 kill)
4. Casja’s Forge (all puzzle)
5. Castle Kelrik (2 puzzle, 2 kill)
6. Diana’s landing (all kill, obviously)
Of course, all Valkyries should be killed as well.

After those, collect secrets.
1st person
– go through Dark Passage, teleport to Crucible
– Crucible (time rune, statue, boulder)
– boss area (laser beam)
– 1st person to dps Vara
2nd person
– Diana’s landing (time rune, sphere, door, scattered notes)
– Sea of Takaro / Dark Passage (notes, boulder, statue)
– 2nd person to dps Vara
3rd person
– teleport to Castle (time rune, scattered notes), go through Labyrinth
– beach/landing zone (time rune, 2 x glowing rocks, sphere, scattered notes, boulder)
– 3rd person to dps Vara
4th person
– teleport to Castle
– Castle Kelrik (time rune, sphere, grabbit king, scattered notes, 2 x boulder)
– last person to dps Vara

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