Inscriptions & combos

Your gear, components, weapons, etc. all come with perks and inscriptions.
Perks are static per rarity level of an item, the inscriptions vary on RNG. Several items also function as a primer or as a detonator, the ingredients of combos.

Inscriptions come in two types, indicated by a corresponding icon.
The inscription only applies to that very item
The inscription applies to all of your gear

In the above example, this specific item has +225% damage and grants a +15% damage increase to all your gear.

Combos are the preferred method of dealing increased amounts of damage. To create combos, you’ll need a primer and a detonator .
The icons are shown ahead of the item’s name and also on your HUD on the corresponding abilities.

Creating a combo doesn’t just simply add up all base damage values, it also applies your javelin’s unique ability.
Which are:
Ranger deals critical damage on the target
Colossus triggers an AoE explosion
Storm spreads the elemental effect on targets nearby
Interceptor creates an Aura that spreads the elemental effect to other targets over time

You don’t need to prime the target yourself, if anyone on your team applied a primer then you are still able to detonate for a combo and deal increased damage. A red circle above the health bar details the prime debuff currently applied to the target.

Gear that is not marked as a primer or detonator may still have higher base damage values, so take some time to evaluate the best combinations for your play style.